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Semesterhus i Cala Gonone & semesterlägenheter i Cala Gonone

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Totalomdöme om Cala Gonone

4,5 av 5 (36 Kundomdömen)
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  • 4,0 av 5
    En atraveo-kund gav följande omdöme
    den 2016-09-29, resdatum: September 2016

    kan rekommenderas

    Detta ortsomdöme lämnades för objekt-nr. 490941.

  • 5,0 av 5
    En atraveo-kund skrev
    den 2016-09-11 , resdatum: Augusti 2016

    ”Jag älskar Cala Gonone. Den perfekta staden för en intim semester. Hamnen, där du kan fånga den natursköna stränderna i området, trevliga pubar vid havet och vänliga människor.”

    Detta ortsomdöme lämnades för objekt-nr. 438526. Ortsomdömet är maskinöversatt från polska. Till originalspråket

  • 4,0 av 5
    En atraveo-kund skrev
    den 2016-08-04 , resdatum: Juli 2016

    ”Livlig och mycket turistiska. Vacker strand, trevlig miljö. Massor att göra.”

    Detta ortsomdöme lämnades för objekt-nr. 438526. Ortsomdömet är maskinöversatt från nederländska. Till originalspråket

  • 5,0 av 5
    En atraveo-kund skrev
    den 2016-07-27 , resdatum: Juni 2016

    ”Mat, dryck, aktiviteter (vattensporter och vandring) och massor av vänliga människor.”

    Detta ortsomdöme lämnades för objekt-nr. 438526. Ortsomdömet är maskinöversatt från tyska. Till originalspråket

  • 5,0 av 5
    En atraveo-kund skrev
    den 2015-10-15 , resdatum: September 2015

    ”Mycket trevlig plats; havet, flera hotell, restauranger och livsmedelsbutiker, många aktiviteter möjliga på land och vatten; uncrowded i offseason.”

    Detta ortsomdöme lämnades för objekt-nr. 490941. Ortsomdömet är maskinöversatt från tyska. Till originalspråket

Så skriver uthyraren Cala Gonone

From the port of Cala Gonone you can also sail to some daytrips by cruise or rent an inflatable boat. There are also some small boats to enjoy the coastline. By renting a 40 horsepower inflatable raft at the Azzurra club you can enjoy the sea on your own or, ...
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if you prefer, you can put yourself into the hands of an Azzurra tourist guide that will accompany you through the daytrip. The trips on the gulf include some stops at the amazing beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Biriola and Cala Mariolu, but you can also bath at the Venere swimming pools or at Cala Goloritzé; if you love grottoes, there are even guided tours inside the karst caves of Bue Marino or Grotta del Fico.

Thanks to their large and morphologically varied territory, Cala Gonone and Dorgali offer many activities: Trekking, climbing, running and biking. You will have the possibility to discover some charming destinations such as the Gorroppu canyon or the nuragic village of Tiscali. Do not miss the stroll from Cala Fuili to Cala Luna, or for the bravest ones from Cala Sisine to Cala Luna. If you are fond of grottoes, you can visit the wonderful cave of Ispinigoli. For the more expert walkers there is the outstanding Mount Oddeu that leads up to the plateau of Doinanicoro, a plain of 3 km2 where you can visit the natural building “Su Suercone”, another big limestone sinkhole. Interspersed on the upland of Supramonte, there is a string of beautiful “cuiles”, the trademark stone and juniper sheepfolds that served as dwelling for shepherds.. Once you arrive there, you will enjoy stunning views and landscapes. Near the residential area of Cala Gonone you will find the sheepfolds of Sa Tintura and Ziu Tattanu on the mount Irveri, as well as the Monte Ruju fold at walking distance from the others. They can all be reached through the parkway leading to the Littu forest. For those who want to discover the region with the help of a tourist guide, the campground offers a daytrip service by jeep, so that you can enjoy the magic of the region’s interior in a totally relaxed and safe way.

For the bravest ones there are many extreme sports to enjoy. If you love gliding flight you can jump from the mountain peaks around Cala Gonone or enjoy the new-built runway for light aircrafts in Dorgali. Moreover, if you love climbing do not miss the seaside and mountain Supramonte. Our mountains feature beautiful soft rock walls that look out over the crystal clear water of the Orosei’s Gulf, surrounded by the stunning vegetation of the Mediterranean ‘Macchia’. If you love diving, there are many visits to the gulf wrecks of the Second World War or to the stunning seaside/mountain grottoes.

You can also go shopping in Dorgali (7 km away from Cala Gonone), one of the main centres of the Sardinian craftsmanship, with visits to the wine cooperative and the dairy factory of Dorgali, where you can buy the quality table Cannonau wine and the delicious Sardinian sheep cheese.

From Cala Gonone you can reach and visit the wonderful sources of Su Gologone in 20 minutes by car, and then continue towards Oliena and Orgosolo, typical villages famous for their wall paintings.
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